Sorry, ToysRUs

So… I have had a water table for my son in my cart on the ToysRUs website for about a week.  It was $28.99 and I wanted to get it for his birthday next week.  I went to order it today and delivery said it would be here on Oct20th. I figure this is ok, because he is one and that it would not be a deal breaker.  Then I looked at the price and it had gone up $10.  No email, no incentive ending, no nothing.  Just a price increase on a water table in October.

I immediately jumped over to and they have the same table for $29.99 and as a prime member I get free shipping.  I press complete checkout and I will have the same exact table in 2 days delivered to my door from Amazon.

However, I didn’t want to go through Amazon, I wanted to go through ToysRUs.  I know that they are in financial trouble and I am not saying that my little purchase was going to save them, but now it won’t.  The reason why I hesitated so long on the table was I needed to spend $29 in order to get free shipping and the table was $28.99.  I couldn’t find something else to buy that would have justified the free shipping.

I personally hate to pay for shipping, but realize that it is the convince of not loading 4 kids in the car and going all over the store looking for something.  I will pay if I deem it worth it.  This was not and I wanted the free shipping. Then the added bonus of not having it in time unless I went to the store to pick-up.  Again, see above about the 4 kids in the car.

Generally, for the kids birthdays we take them to ToysRUs and let them pick out a gift.  It is a fun adventure for them and we have found that if they pick out the gift it means more to them and they use it more.  Plus in the spirit of pairing down it helps.

Sorry, ToysRUs I wanted to make this purchase from you, but it just didn’t work out.  Maybe next time.


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