Bad Day?

The other day I was having a text exchange with my husband and I was distracted and short with my responses.  And he texted “Bad day”…

Now this shouldn’t be a big deal, but in my head my first response was,

“No.  No one has gone to the hospital….”

That is what got me thinking.  When did my life take a turn that a bad day is when someone goes to the hospital.  Why was that my first response.

That one thought sent me on a 3 day spiral of how I got to this point.  Being a stay at home parent is tough. I don’t believe that you really have “good days” and “bad days”.  Some days are better than others and some are worse.  But my day is not in my control.  I have 4-5 other people who make up how my day is and usually at any given point one of them is pretty pissed off.  I have to remain calm at all times, because they feed off of it and it creates a vicious cycle.

I learned a long time ago that thinking of days as 24 hours would drive me crazy.  There is NO WAY 4 kids are going to be good for that long.  So I think of my days as moments.  I enjoy the good moments when they happen and try and get through the bad ones quickly and smoothly.

So a good day for me is one that goes smoothly, I can get everything done that I need to and everyone is in a good mood.  Bad days are when the baby won’t stop crying or doesn’t take a nap.  Or my 10 year old is mad at the world, me included. Or my 3 year old is kicking me because I am distracted by the crying baby and can’t get her water.  Or my 8 year old just won’t talk to me.

But really in the grand scheme of things those are not even bad days.  I know that there are parents out there dealing with a whole lot worse than I am day in and day out.  None of my children are terminally ill or have to under go treatment for cancer or have surgeries just to be healthy.  My heart goes out to those parents and I am thankfully everyday for my 4 healthy children.

I guess that is why I thought that.  I am grateful for all that I have and know that at any given moment it could change.  I guess that in my mind that change comes in the form of someone going to the hospital.  Either for sickness or injury.

In the end it wasn’t a pathetic thought that brought that first to my mind.  It was me being practical.


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